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"THREE PERSONALITIES" is one of Vahlsing’s several original screenplays for major motion picture production. If you are a financier that would like to participate in the capital funding for Vahlsing's many projects contact Christina M. Vahlsing, Vahlsing Inc. at email: vahlsinginc@gmail.com   





Re: Product Placement Advertising Spots. 


Hello Advertiser and/or Media Buyer,   

Vahlsing Inc. is accepting “Product Placement Advertising Spots” in one its major motion pictures titled “THREE PERSONALITIES” at $150,000 U.S. dollars per each product as long as the advertiser’s product is not X-rated. Vahlsing will give your product a four to five second exposure for this early bird “Product Placement Advertising Spot” offer. 

…Vahlsing Inc. will discuss other sponsorship deals with advertisers. But the minimum amount for this early bird “Product Placement Advertising Spot” is at least $150,000 U.S. dollars per each product advertising deal if you are under contract with us now. This “Product Placement Advertising Spot” offer will increase as we get farther into production. 


THREE PERSONALITIES” --(This story's subject matter is love, tragedy, psychic weird karma, spirit prediction; and socially unacceptable romantic relationship of which is viewed by some. Music score, heavy metal throughout this film with the exception of the scenes in the ASTROLOGY BAR & GRILL dance club.)

...This movie also involves the supernatural, ghosts and some minor erotica; besides a gruesome auto accident with an animal; of which the driver dies on impact. “THREE PERSONALITIES” carries a twist, as to the audience believing what is being presented in the story, ends up being a change of circumstances in the end. “THREE PERSONALITIES” story contains dark / death heavy metal music, and is a love story; whereas an older woman falls in love with a younger guy that is a drummer in a heavy metal band. “Product Placement Advertising Spots” can be offered throughout the movie’s scenes.



A well known coffee shop should be interested in a “Product Placement Advertising Spot”; with the understanding that their coffee house architecture will be manipulated to look off center, out of true, twisted and eerie in those scenes; as the first scenes of this movie are at a coffee shop sitting outdoors; where two strangers start to take up a love affair and where our obnoxious ghosts first appear…

A car company should be interested in a “Product Placement Advertising Spot” as there are many scenes with SUVs (scenes that include and not limited to – outside features of these SUVs, inside features of these SUVs as the characters are driving around, inside features of the motor of one of the SUVs as the character is adding windshield wiper liquid to the SUV’s container, inside features of the back of the SUV, etc.); this car company could have an exclusive “Product Placement Advertising Spot” for the SUVs that are used (seen) throughout this major motion picture production… 

“Product Placement Advertising Spot” can be placed throughout the ASTROLOGY BAR & GRILL dance club scenes. If you produce alcoholic beverages and/or food products; you would want to participate in advertising your product within the scenes of the ASTROLOGY BAR & GRILL…

Other scenes that “Product Placement Advertising Spot” can be placed: outdoor mall scenes, swimming pool scenes, bath house scenes, kitchen scenes, several different bedroom scenes, entertainment room scenes, several different living room scenes, construction site scenes (with heavy equipment working the site), emergency fire and ambulance scenes, heavy traffic scenes, recording studio scenes, tattoo parlor scenes, coffin scenes, grave yard scenes, indoor concert stage with audience scenes, outdoor concert stage with audience scenes, many other different location indoor and outdoor scenes, etc…

Many kinds of clothing are worn throughout this production by our living characters and ghosts, etc., (a piece of clothing could be used to convey an advertiser’s product and/or logo)…

While the characters are driving (a billboard alongside a road conveying an advertiser’s product and/or logo could give your product exposure and/or on tractor-trailers in traffic scenes)…  

Bring your “Product Placement Advertising Spot” ideas. What are your brainstorms?



Vahlsing is offering “Product Placement Advertising Spots” to speculators / investors. To help raise funds for all of Vahlsing’s venture projects no matter what they entail (motion picture production, real estate development, other investments, etc.); Vahlsing will sell to speculators / investors “Product Placement Advertising Spots” in this major motion picture titled “THREE PERSONALITIES” at $150,000 U.S. dollars per each “Product Placement Advertising Spot”; as long as the buying speculator / investor agrees not to resell their “Product Placement Advertising Spot” to an advertiser that advertises products that are X-rated. Vahlsing will not accept any X-rated product advertising. Vahlsing will give an advertiser’s product a four to five second exposure in our motion picture production “THREE PERSONALITIES” per deal.

Vahlsing will allow a speculator / investor “Product Placement Advertising Spot” holder to resell their “Product Placement Advertising Spot” at a higher price to another individual or entity. This offer is to recognize that certain speculators / investors that buy “Product Placement Advertising Spots” do not have a product to campaign; and that they will have the freedom to resell their “Product Placement Advertising Spots” for profit.  



If you would like to make a sponsorship pledge of $15,000 U.S dollars; we will publish your name in small font (no logos) in our motion picture production “THREE PERSONALITIES” sponsorship credits.  



Vahlsing Inc. is an intellectual property owner and has several original screenplays on hand ready for major motion picture production besides our production “THREE PERSONALITIES”. Visit the screenplay website for list and review the brief condensed version of Vahlsing’s business plan: 




Vahlsing seeks venture capital from accredited investors.



Vahlsing Inc. is a USA corporation (rebirth / born again) new company now; and when it files it’s new Initial Public Offering (IPO) with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) must be treated as a brand new corporation. Even though it was my family’s old public company; and our name “VAHLSING” has a history producing French fries, tater tots and hash browns back in the years 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s at our Easton Maine plant here in the USA. Review an old 1971 news article about our companies:  



VAHLSING is structured as a diversified conglomerate covering industries for Major Movie Production (Entertainment), Real Estate Multi-Commercial Development with Private Airport (Aviation) and Movie Studio, R&D and Manufacturing for Energy Devices (Green Technology), including and not limited to other investments.  



Vahlsing is an unsecured high risk investment opportunity; but high roller gamblers love these sorts of exciting investments; as these high risk opportunities could bring high returns. Vahlsing is seeking financiers willing to provide Pre-IPO unsecured / non-recourse high risk seed monies (minimum $1,000,000 U.S. dollars per each investor) based on its business plan. Vahlsing has no financial statements available. It is very difficult finding “serious” high risk investors; as they are looking for guarantees. Vahlsing does not guarantee any investment. High risk / high return accredited investors are familiar with this variety of investments and are in a financial position to sacrifice a loss.  

In Addition, under no circumstances do any statements here or in the business plan represent a recommendation to buy or sell Vahlsing securities or to make any kind of an investment. You are responsible for your own due diligence. To summarize, Vahlsing nor does Christina M. Vahlsing provide investment advice, nor do we make any claims or promises that any information herein or in its business plan will lead to a profit, loss, or any other result. Vahlsing is not a financial institution or a bank; nor are we a brokerage firm, nor are we financial advisers.

The best way to approach us is by email:  vahlsinginc@gmail.com  

(…to satisfy a paper trail -- to prevent identity theft, financial fraud, money laundering, terrorist financing and fraudulent “money mules”.)  

We get a lot of ghost inquiries that are not serious communication; so we would need an advertiser’s /  media buyer’s / investor’s full information (name, address and phone) to be able to believe that you are serious and not a ghost.

I hope everyone supporting all of Vahlsing’s various projects are excited that they participated in some way.


Look Beyond the Stars for Spiritual Guidance,

Christina M. Vahlsing, Vahlsing Inc.  



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